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Parry Sound Public Library South End Shell
L.U.Maughan Company Limited Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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Parry Sound is a great town for walks but can involve some fairly good climbs & distance. Use common sense & do not overdo. Use this map to Discover Parry Sound! Marked by red letters, all Landmarks on the tour are accessible by car. Numbers represent our sponsors. See LEGEND
A Tower Hill panoramic aerial view from tower O Seguin River Bridge gateway to downtown
B Skate Park skateboarders welcome! P Seguin River Falls mouth of the Seguin
C River Street Bridge scenic waterfalls
D Cherry St Park take a break
Q Trestle Bridge longest bridge of its kind in Ontario at 1950ft/594m!
E Hillcrest Cemetery pay your respects
F Parry Sound High School track & field
G St. Peter's Catholic Church
H Beer Store A very popular spot!
R Town Docks launch your craft...
S Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
T Bob's Point Bobby Orr Hall of Fame
U Town Beach take a cool dip!
I Post Office send a postcard! V Tony Agnello Park award-winning design!
J Old Fire Hall historical building W Salt Docks trails & bay views
K Market Square Park war memorial X Station Gallery paintings & crafts
L St. Andrews's Presbyterian Church Y Belvedere Heights classic bay view
M LCBO Liquor Control Board of Ontario Z West Parry Sound Health Centre
N Bobby Orr Community Centre tennis, hockey, ice-skating, sporting events
Police 746-4225
Fire 746-2262
Ambulance 746-6262
Hospital 746-9321
Esprit Place 746-4800
Children's Aid 746-9354
Salvation Army 746-5391
OSPCA 746-9291
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